Harvey my Hero

Harvey my Hero

Harvey is my hero.

Who is Harvey?

Harvey Mackay is Chairman of the Board of the MackayMitchell Envelope Company and has authored some of the best-selling business books in publishing history with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide. One of his books, Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive was a groundbreaking New York Times #1 best seller for 54 weeks. This book drew praise from people such as Gerald Ford, Lou Holtz, Donald Rumsfeld, Charles Schwab & Peter Ueberroth.

Why is Harvey my hero?

Swim with the Sharks was one of the first business books I read that truly had an influence on my career. The book is based on a collection of unforgettable life lessons that provide invaluable guidance for our professional and personal lives. Specifically, two lessons underscored the importance of building genuine relationships with customers:

Lesson 3: Knowing Something About Your Customer Is Just as Important as Knowing Everything About Your Product

Lesson 4: The 66-Question Customer Profile (The MacKay 66)

What do Harvey’s lessons teach?

Harvey believes that through routine conversation you can understand what your customer is like as a human being. By doing so, you “humanize business” thereby developing a stronger business relationship with your customer and generating increased sales. His Golden Rule of Selling is “Know Your Customer”. Harvey understood the value of relationships and networking long before “customer relationship management” (CRM) software, LinkedIn and other social networks were developed.

30 years ago he developed the “Mackay 66”, a document for gathering 66 key aspects about a customer (personal information, business background, special interests, lifestyle, etc). While leading MacKayMitchell, Harvey insisted that these key aspects be documented. As he says “Remembering doesn’t work. He who counts on his memory has a fool for a filling system.” InstantRecall builds on some of the principles of the Mackay 66 and makes it effortless to record and instantly recall personal information about your customers.

And one last piece of advice from Harvey: “You can win more friends with your ears than with your mouth. People who feel like they’re being listened to feel accepted and appreciated. They feel like they’re being taken seriously and what they say really matters.”

Maybe I should have called the app “Harvey”!

For more information about Harvey, you can visit his website at www.harveymackay.com. It’s packed with great content, articles and wisdom!


Tim Owen
Founder and CEO