How do I display my contacts in InstantRecall?

How do I display my contacts in InstantRecall?

InstantRecall seamlessly pulls contacts from your Android phone’s contact manager. Your phone’s contacts app is where where local contacts, Google Contacts (Gmail), Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, Exchange contacts, and more can be stored.

InstantRecall is designed to complement – not replace – your phone’s contact manager application. All new contacts must be added via your contact manager application. You can initiate adding a new contact via InstantRecall, but the actual contact is added via your phone’s contact manager. Once added, these contacts will be displayed in InstantRecall.

We recommend you sync your Google Contacts (Gmail), Facebook and LinkedIn contacts with your phone’s contact manager. It is easily done – just follow these instructions:

  • First, we recommend you turn on Auto-Sync
    • Go to Android Settings -> Data Usage -> Menu
    • Click on “Auto-sync data”
  • Google Mail (Gmail)
    • Go to Android Settings -> Accounts
    • Click on “Add account”
    • Click on “Google”
    • Follow instructions to add an existing or new account
    • Click on “Contacts” or “Sync Contacts”
    • Gmail contacts will be synced
  • LinkedIn
    • Install LinkedIn
    • Log in to LinkedIn
    • Go to Android Settings -> Accounts
    • Click on “LinkedIn”
    • Click on “Contacts” or “Sync Contacts”
    • LinkedIn contacts will be synced
  • Facebook
    • Go to Google Play and install one of the following applications:
      • UberSync Facebook
      • HaxSync for Facebook
    • Run through the application’s initial setup
    • For UberSync, recommend you change the Picture Size to Big Square (512×512 cropped)
    • Facebook contacts will be synced
  • Other (e.g. Yahoo, AOL,, etc.)
    • Install that service’s application
    • Log in to the application
    • Go to Android Settings → Accounts
    • Click on the account you have just logged in to
    • Click on “Contacts” or “Sync Contacts”
  • Exchange
    • Go to Android Settings > Accounts
    • Click on “Add account”
    • Click on “Corporate” or “Exchange”
      • Enter credentials as required (username, password, domain)

Please note that some of the instructions outlined above may vary depending on the contact manager used by your phone manufacturer.

To get social profile information (LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+) to display in InstantRecall, simply press the Menu Bar (three horizontal lines on the upper left) located on the InstantRecall main screen. Select Settings, then press “Manage social connections”. Select Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn to login.

Your contacts are now synced and ready to be displayed in InstantRecall! If you have any questions, please send an email to Thanks!