InstantRecall V3.0 Launched!

InstantRecall V3.0 Launched!

We are pleased and proud to announce that we have launched InstantRecall Version 3.0!

Version 3.0 incorporates much of the feedback we have received from our valued customers.

What Is New in V3.0:

Voice Mode and Custom Voice Actions

  • Google’s Custom Voice Actions have been fully implemented with V3! Just say “OK Google, start Voice Mode on InstantRecall” to launch InstantRecall. Then use Voice Mode to add or retrieve information from InstantRecall.
  • Get Help via Voice Mode. Just say “help” and Voice Mode will respond with a list of voice commands.
  • Further refinements to Voice Mode. Voice Mode is still in beta, but we are making progress.


  • We’ve added one of your most requested features – a “dialer” mode.
  • Tap and hold on a Contact’s photo to call, text, or email your contact.
  • When you receive a phone call from one of your contacts, a notification is triggered. Clicking on the notification displays your contact’s notes on your phone – while you are talking to your contact.

Daily Reminders

  • We’ve added a key feature you’ve asked for. You can be reminded of key events such as birthdays and anniversaries, and add a reminder alarm to a specific note.

Improved User Experience

  • After installation, application opens on the Recent Contacts screen
  • After selecting a contact, you are directed to the Notes screen. Previously this action would open the Profile screen. This change makes it easier for you to add a note, which is the primary purpose of the application.
  • Consistent actions when tapping or tapping/holding (long press) a contact:
    • Tap a contact’s name or photo to go to the notes screen
    • Tap and hold (“long press”) a contact’s name to add a note
    • Tap and hold a contact’s photo to phone, text, or email your contact (“Dialer mode”)
    • Tap a note to edit the note
    • Tap and hold a note to add a tag to the note.

Recent Contacts Screen

  • Recent Contacts now display first two lines of the most recent note of a contact. If there are no notes for the contact, ““Press here to add a note” is displayed.

Notes Screen

  • Displays date and time of note
  • You can now edit the date and time of a note

Menu Bar

  • Added Video Tutorial link
  • Added Daily Reminders
  • Additional Settings that allow you to:
    • Toggle on/off the note date and note time
    • Notify you when an incoming caller has notes in InstantRecall

Floating Action Bar

  • Added a Floating Action Bar to Recent and Starred Contacts screen
  • You can now add a contact directly in InstantRecall. Contact is replicated as a local contact on your phone.
  • You can search for a contact.