Power Tips for Power Users

Power Tips for Power Users

InstantRecall has many ‘shortcuts’ available to make you more productive.

View the video or read the text below.

Here are the “power tips”:

  • To add a note from the Contacts screens (ALL, RECENT, STARRED), press and hold (also referred to as a “long press”) the contact name.
  • To add a tag to a note, press and hold the note (“long press”).
  • To directly access VoiceMode from any InstantRecall screen, press and hold your four fingertips on the screen.
  • Find some important personal information on the web (or within another application) about one of your contacts and want to add it to InstantRecall? Use the “share” feature on your phone to quickly add a note to a contact in InstantRecall. Just select the text, press the Share link at the top of the screen, and select “Add Quick Note”. The text will be instantly added as a new note in InstantRecall.
  • InstantRecall Widgets provide you with a shortcut to quickly add notes via voice or the keypad. Navigate to Widgets on your Android Phone and drag the InstantRecall widgets to your main application screen.
  • For long dictations, press the microphone icon on the keypad instead of the microphone icon in the “Add Note” editor. Regretfully Google uses different voice algorithms for each. The keypad voice recognition is better for long dictations.
  • Want to communicate with an InstantRecall contact? From the Profile screen of your contact, press the photo of your contact. Contact information from your phone’s contact manager will pop-up on your screen.
  • Need to add a new Contact? Press the “+” icon located on the bottom right of the ALL Contacts screen. The “Add new contact” screen of your phone’s contact manager will appear. Add the contact, then the contact will be replicated in InstantRecall. Keep in mind that InstantRecall is meant to complement, not replace your contact manager, so the new contact is first added to your phone’s contact manager.
  • InstantRecall can remind you to add notes about a contact after a meeting or phone call. InstantRecall can also display notes about a contact when you receive an incoming phone call. You can adjust these notifications in Settings. Press the Menu Bar, then Settings and navigate to Notification Preferences.
  • Need to segment your contacts into different groups? Use the Google Contacts group feature, to segment your contacts into lists such as family, friends, work, or even interests such as cricket, football, hockey or foodie. These groups will be displayed on the Groups tab within InstantRecall.
  • We recommend you download and install UberSync for Facebook from Google Play, so that you can sync all your Facebook contacts with your phone’s contact manager. This will allow you to display Facebook details on the InstantRecall Profile screen for all your Facebook contacts
  • For further information about managing your contacts, press the InstantRecall Menu Bar, then navigate to Help -> Managing Contacts.
  • To activate your social connections (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) within InstantRecall, press the InstantRecall Menu Bar, then navigate to Settings -> Manage social connections. Note that LinkedIn is a premium subscription feature.


And last but not least, remember our final Power Tip:

“A note a day makes your relationships better than OK”

So we recommend you spend a few minutes each day adding notes about the people you interact with! It will help you strengthen your relationships with the people you value.