Start recording your memories today …

Start recording your memories today …

Start recording your memories today … because someday you will be able to permanently upload them to your brain.

Sound like science fiction?

Not if you are one of the leading futurists or neuroscientists in the world:

Nicholas Negroponte imagines a future in which information and knowledge can be delivered to the brain via tiny robots in your bloodstream … it could be the future of learning. Source:

“In the next 25 years, when what [computing power] used to fit in a building and now fits in your pocket, will fit inside a blood cell.” Ray Kurzweil, “How to Create a Mind”. Source:

“In the 2030s, if you need some extra neocortex, you’ll be able to connect to that in the cloud directly from your brain. So I’m walking along and I say, “Oh, there’s Chris Anderson. He’s coming my way. I’d better think of something clever to say. I’ve got three seconds. My 300 million modules in my neocortex isn’t going to cut it. I need a billion more.” I’ll be able to access that in the cloud.” Ray Kurzweil, “Get Ready for Hybrid Thinking” TED2014. Source:

Worm ‘Brain’ Uploaded Into Lego Robot – “research shows a digitally simulated brain can behave like its biological analog, and the demonstration has implications for big brain projects”. Source:

Brain Implant Restores Memories in Rats by Recording & Playing Them Back. “The ultimate goal is to develop memory-boosting implants for human patients”. Source

So start recording notes about your friends, family, colleagues and clients today … because perhaps someday you can upload those notes to your brain … and truly instantly recall and forever remember the personal information about people you value.


Tim Owen
Founder and CEO